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عید نوروز ۱۴۰۰ مبارک

Maryland Health Department Covid-19 Regulations (As of February 14, 2021)

Our indoor dining is now open, but limited to 25% occupancy. According to the regulations, our customers need to observe the following guidelines:

  • Indoor dining is limited to a ninety-minute dining period.
  • Face covering is required at all times when not actively eating or drinking (refusal to do so, may result in refused service).
  • Maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet when waiting to be seated.

You can also order through: Grubhub & Uber Eats.


  • 72 Market St. Gaithersburg, MD 20878
  • Tel: (301) 590-0007
  • Fax: (301) 590-0010
  • Mon-Sat(11am-9pm),Sun(12-9pm)
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Today's Special

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Sabzi Polo with Fish

Catering Packages

Inhouse-Delight ($20-$40/Person)

  • Bread, Paneer, Sabzi
  • Kashke Bademjan
  • Salad
  • Mast-o-Khiyar
  • Baghali polo with Lamb shank OR Lubia-Polo with meat
  • Pick two among Ghyameh Bademjan, Ghorme sabzi, Fesenjan and Karafs
  • Kabob Kubideh and Chicken
  • Ice cream and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Tea, Coffee, Sweets
  • (30-100 persons gathering at the restaurant location)

Prefer-Delight ($16/Person)

  • Kubideh Kabob
    • Two skewer of Kubideh Kabob can be substitute With one skewer of Chicken Kabob.
  • Baghali Polo with Lamb shank
  • Choice of 2 Stews:
    • Ghormeh Sabzi
    • Gheymeh Bademjan
    • Fesenjan
    • Karafs
  • Served with rice, must-o-khiar or shirazi salad, and bread.

  • *** Minimum 32 orders ***

Caspian Delight ($125 Serves Up To 12)

  • Kubideh Kabob
  • Chicken Kabob
  • Lamb
  • Served with rice, must-o-khiar or shirazi salad, and bread.

Veggie-Delight ($125 Serves Up To 12)

  • Falafel
  • Veggie Saute
  • Hummus
  • Kashke bademjan
  • Served with rice, must-o-khiar or shirazi salad, and bread.
Catering Requests
caspian combo
Caspian Combo

Combination of one skewer Kubideh and chicken kabob.
chicken kubideh
Chicken Kubideh

Combination of one skewer ground chicken and kubideh kabob.
kabob barg
Kabob Barg

Tender strips of Filet Mignon, marinated in our special seasoning and flame-broiled to perfection.
chiken soltani
Chicken Soltani

Two skewers of seasoned ground chicken rolled flame-broiled to perfection.
super combo
Super Combo

Combination of one skewer filet mignon, chicken kabob, and kubideh kabob.
lamb combo
Lamb Combo

Combination of one skewer lamb and chicken kabob.

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